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Visitors All Learn Differently Mobile Helps Them Choose Their Own Path




March 19, 2019

The Bruce Museum educates visitors about art and natural history in Greenwich, Connecticut.  They offer a live marine animal touch tank, access to meteorites, and other natural wonders. They also are able to give  more detail about their exhibits using a mobile audio guide.

Is an audio guide for you? How easy is it to set up?

We Learned from Volunteer Program Manager/New Media Developer Mary Ann Lendenmann that setup of a mobile audio guide is “no more intimidating than using a phone even for those who fear computers and keyboards”.

She shared, in the webinar, how visitors engage with audio guides and leave having learned something new.



Mary Ann Lendenmann,
(Volunteer Program Manager/New Media Developer)


What made bruce Museum decide to use Audio Tours..

Mary Ann Lendenmann explained how the Audio tour works at an exhibits in Bruce Museum

Mary Ann described their visitor demographics, what interests them and the feedback they received.

Audio Tours in other languages.

Listening to the audio tour with speakers on Distracting or Not.

Docent-led or Self-pace learning . What does visitors museum prefer most.

7. Mary Ann talks about the challenges she experienced in implementing audio tour guides at Bruce Museum.

Bruce Museum do things to engage with the community like in the case of Greenwich High School.

Mary Ann talks about how they got funded for the audio guide through sponsorship.

The Pros and Cons of having a Smartphone Tour as explained by Mary Ann Lendenmann of Bruce Museum.

Setting up audio tour. How hard is it going to be to get started.

Setting up the Audio Tour is not a full time job and interns can help to get it done.

Words of advise from Mary Ann Lendenmann for colleagues looking to utilize mobile service and audio tour.


Visitors All Learn Differently Mobile Helps Them Choose Their Own Path