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Sculpture Gardens & Aquariums

December 12, 2017
Hear selected clips from our guest speakers:

Dylan Ross
(Public Program Supervisor, Florida Aquarium)


Texting can be used to direct visitors. For example, there isn't a set schedule for when the animals are being fed or trained, texting can let visitors know which exhibition is active.

Plans to implement mobile learning so visitors can learn able the exhibit even when no educators are on location.

Using mobile site can be specifically design for engagement once visitors are here instead of the main website which is used more for selling tickets and general information. Mobile site can be edited by myself daily.


John Beisner
(Sculpture Exhibition, Poydras Corridor)


Guide by Cell have the metrics to how we are doing on a month-to-month basis and it's a good platform for editing.


Allison Staub
(Sculpture Exhibition, Poydras Corridor)


Using texting to deliver information advantages.

Through our geotargeted ads, we are able to tell when the peak time is. We like to keep those ads up.

I find that people won't stand there and type URL to look for information on their phones so mobile solution works best.

Sculpture Gardens & Aquariums