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Text Messaging

November 28, 2017

Hear selected clips from our guest speakers on the latest trends in mobile texting:

John Zanker
(JC Zanker & Co.)  


I'm not the most tech savvy guy but, we just got set up and this platform has been incredibly easy to use.

People aren’t opening emails as much as they would check texts. They can just listen to the audio in the message while they do other things. Reception from my audio messages are substantially higher than email (2 to 1).

Average farmers are much further along with texting on their cellphone than emailing. There is no problem asking customers to listen to audio messages versus asking people to sign up to emails..


Bob Ingrassia
(VP of External Relations Minnesota Children’s Museum)


Texting is our initiative to reach out to visitors. We have on-location signs but people may miss it and Guide by Cell format is an affordable way to use technology to keep in touch with visitors as to developing new apps or using other services.

Besides the texting side, Guide by Cell also allow us to develop a mobile web to introduce a practical digital handout about our museum.

Even though we have an in-house website, we still like Guide by Cell's platform which have 0-technical issues and easy to use dashboard. It makes it easy to manage texting and multiple keywords, etc. Our main website is about planning your visit and way more content but GuidebyCell is focus on-site. Content is easier to maintain.

When parents are at a museum, they want to have some down time knowing their kids are safe there. And the parents want to spend time chilling on their phone. Since they are on their phone, why not have them spend some time on the phone about the museum. We are purposefully putting in content catered to adults for this reason

Having visitors adopt to the texting can sometimes be difficult, but there are many ways to get people to jump onto the system. Since many visitors keep asking for our wifi password and we don’t want our staff to memorize new passwords every time we change it, by asking visitors to text-in to retrieve our wifi password is a great way to have people opt in.

A lot of people want maps and we don't want to keep printing them so we use a digital map/guide to act as a hook to get people to text in.

Text Messaging