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Creating engaging interactions with Mobile

August 7, 2018

Learn how mobile can enhance visitors experience. Our guest speaker, Brian Hughes from Irvine Ranch Conservancy ,told us all about audio tours, beacons and augmented reality..

August 7, 2018
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Brian Hughes
(Community Programs Manger from Irvine Ranch Conservancy)


How Brian Hughes of Irvine Ranch Conservancy used Guide by Cell technology to connect to their visitors when everyone is already on their cell phones.

What made the Irvine Ranch Conservancy management changed their minds towards audio guides? You'd be surprised to know!

Brian Hughes revealed how Irvine Ranch Conservancy see what their visitors are mostly interested and engaged in during tours.

Why the mobile audio tour is still reaching at Irvine Ranch Conservancy even after a decade!

You will not believe how audio tours has changed visitor experience at Irvine Ranch Conservancy!

No IT required! What parks and museums should know about how easy an audio tour is to setup and manage.

What Brian Hughes of Irvine Ranch Conservancy has to say about the podcast audio tour feature will leave you speechless.

You’ll be shocked to know why Brian Hughes said mobile tour guide is the future of interpretation

Barbara Pollarine of Valley Forge National Park tells us how an audio tour and multi-language options has increased repeat visits at the park.

What’s the best advice to cultural institutions creating an audio tour?

Brian Hughes of Irvine Ranch Conservancy talks about the flexibility of audio tour and how cultural institutions can use it to their advantage.


Creating engaging interactions with Mobile