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5 Ways Mobile Can Enhance Your Visitor Experiences

March 1, 2018

Hear speaker Anna Cueto from Washington County Historical Society on ways you can educate and improve visitor experience with mobile and how to increase membership and engagement with Guide by Cell.

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Anna Cueto
(Washigton County Historical Society)


Engage with your community and learn who your visitors really are.

How "culture + cocktails" became the perfect paiting for the Washington County Historical Sociery.

Double or triple the time your visitors stay with audio tour and other engagements.

Guide by Cell's audio tour platform is so easy, it can be implemented with minimal staff.

Get creative with fundraising.

What to consider when moving to an audio tour.

Using standing banners for waylinding along with your audio tour.

Augmented Reality: the future of museum.

Providing a memorable experience for your visitors by telling stories.

5 Ways Mobile Can Enhance Your Visitor Experiences