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5 Easy steps for creating engaging games and scavenger hunts



October 5, 2018

Cultural institutions need fresh and exciting ways to increase return visits to their venue. Listen in as we we discussed
 how using mobile tools like scavenger hunts and other games can reinvigorate your attendance and membership.
John Maccabee
(Founder of City Mystery)


You will never believe the ingenious way that Smithsonian enticed users to connect with their online catalogue and “put themselves” into the exhibits.

John Maccabee, talks about his inspiration in creating Alternate Reality Games and how they led to Mission-Based Games and Pokémon Go.

What you should know about Augmented Reality as explained by game designer John Maccabee.

Why Augmented Reality is a “Sexy” App.

Would you use a game to market a product? It may be less expensive and more effective than traditional media.

How Mission-Based games can engage players using the skills they already have using their phone..

John Maccabee talks about how Ghosts of a Chance started and the kind of engagement to receive from the visitors.

Hacks on how to aggregate various audiences during a Scavenger Hunt that every museum should know.

The one overarching rule that everyone should know in designing games as revealed by John Maccabee.

The museum as storehouses of stories and how to use Mission-Based Games in telling those stories.

Mobile mission games used for corporate training? Why not! Listen to games designer John Maccabee as he shares how it's being done!

You would not believe how mobile mission games were used to teach the principles of physics for 11th grader.

John Maccabee shared his experiences on how to utilize mobile mission games to create a story for marketing purposes.

Why Mission-Based Gaming is “a platform to bring people together

How Mission-Based Games create memorable experiences and persuade players to be more than passive observers.


5 Easy steps for creating engaging games and scavenger hunts