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It's a Snap to Create Mobile Guides for All Your Events

May 24, 2018

Our guest speakers, Barbara Schulz from San Antonio Cactus & Xerophyte Society and Mary Parsell from El Dorado Audubon Society discuss ways mobile guides can help engage visitors and how to build your own mobile guides with few easy steps.

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Mary Parsell
(El Dorado Audobon Society)


How the El Dorado Audobon society used audio guides to help save the local bird population.


Barbara Schulz
(San Antonio Cactus & Xerophyte Society)


How the San Antonio Cactus & Xerophyte Society used mobile web to enhance their "Show & Sale" event.

Mary Parsell with the El Dorado Audobon Society discusses how the nonpofit was able to use mobile web to pomote vendors at their event, as well as offset their costs in the process.

Mary Parsell talks about the El Dorado Audobon Society promoted their mobile web at a event afterparty.