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Create Stronger Relationships With Your Visitors

January 17, 2018

Join us and our guest speakers Mara Kurlandsky, Coordinator of Digital Engagement at National Museum of Women in the Arts and Larissa Woo, Director of Art Galleries & Special Collections at Molloy College.

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Hear selected clips from our guest speakers:

Mara Kurlandsky
(Coordinator of Digital Engagement, National Museum of Women in the Arts)


How can mobile web enhance the visitor experience?

How do you let people know about mobile experienes at your museum?

Which types of visitors gravitate audio tours?


Larissa Woo
(Director of Art Galleries & Special Collections, Molloy College)


Student workers and Guide by Cell.

Molloy College uses Guide by Cell to connect visitors with the history of the college.

Does Guide by Cell require a lot of IT support?

Texting a shortcode vs. URL


Dave Asheim
(CEO, Guide by Cell)


Why mobile web is great for exhibit interpretation.

What mobile solutions are museums using?

How mobile web allows visitors to continuing engaging after their visit.